Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Preface

Welcome to our blog that has been created in the Pursuit of Healthiness and as a dedication to living a healthy lifestyle! It is a daily challenge, as a 24 year old woman, to balance a world of healthfulness and commonplace temptations. Often times we find ourselves torn between being entertained by a plethora of cocktails and dinner parties, and the healthy choices that we should be making in our daily lives. 

We hope, through this blog, that we can inspire ourselves and our readers to find a harmonious balance in our and your lives. We hope to share our ideas, experiences, success stories, recipes, and more with you, and would love for you to share those things with us as well. 

To kickstart this adventure, Juli and myself will be partaking in a 3-day Juice cleanse. We believe that this is the perfect way to cleanse our minds and bodies with the new year, and plan to share our experiences with you all! We also invite you to join us in this cleanse so you may start your new year off with a clean slate!