Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1 for Natty

Hey guys! Just an update from the far I am feeling pretty fantastic! I have yet to break out my juicer, and have just been using a blender which has been pretty easy so far!

I attempted a "make your own" green smoothie, which calls for just 50% greens of your choice and 50% fruit then add water and blend..I did just spring mix greens, with peaches and blueberries...not my favorite so I don't suggest it! But I'm sure it would be better tasting if I had chosen just plain spinach or kale...oh well live and learn!

This is just a short entry since I am now on my way out to explore more of this awesome city Denver...even though I've been here for a full year it still feels like there is a lot more to see!

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