Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Personal 3 Day Plan!

Good Morning!

     Today is the day!  After doing some more reading I have found that you will benefit most from a juice cleanse if you create your own plan and recipes.  So I have decided to combine a few different approaches from the websites I added to the previous blog.

     The ultimate goal is to drink as much juice as possible.  So, I have divided my day into 3 "meals," but if I get hungry (or should I say, thirsty?!)  in between I will just drink more juice (34-62 ounces of juice is usually recommended per day during the fast)!  Each day I am going to switch up the recipe I use for my 3 "meals."  If you don't have a juicer you can make your three main meals from a smoothie recipe.  However, you will get the most benefit from drinking just juice!

      In between my meals I will alternate from 100% apple juice with no added sweeteners or artificial flavors and lemon ginger water.  The lemon ginger water is explained in the "eHow" website I attached to a previous blog.  It is water, freshly squeezed lemon, and grated fresh ginger.

     It is very important that you include vegetables,herbs, and spices into your cleanse.  Here is a great website that describes (in great detail) the nutritional value of certain vegetables.
If you click on "juice cleanse" on the left hand side there is a great article that talks about all of the benefits of a juice cleanse and also gives some good tips!  The vegetables, herbs, and spices I have decided to include in my cleanse are: kale, cucumbers,spinach,carrots,celery,parsley,cilantro,garlic, and ginger root!

      Today I started my day with:
6 carrots
2 small apples
3 pieces of pineapple
   juiced and ready to drink!  (You are supposed to drink it right when it comes out of the juicer.  I recommend adding ice to keep it chilled so you can digest it slower and enjoy it!)

     I also wanted to include another website I came across as I was reading this morning!


Best of luck and happy juicing!!....


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