Sunday, January 2, 2011

"It's chug-able"

So far so good! I drank a delicious carrot juice mixture for breakfast and I'm loving the ginger-lemon water.  I'm sticking to Juli's plan except I've decided against giving up coffee.  Suffering through caffeine withdrawals while moving into my new apartment seems a little too miserable for my liking.  I figure since I drink it black it shouldn't effect the cleanse too much.

Juli and I are having fun experimenting with the juicer although our lunch concoction was a little disappointing.  We started by juicing a bunch of spinach and a few kale leaves, which we then blended with frozen berries.  The mixture looked and tasted awful so we added apple juice to make it more palatable.  The result: something that can only be described as "chug-able."  Not awful, but by no means delicious.  I'm not sure where we went wrong, perhaps it was just a bad batch of berries?  I just hope it sticks with me until our dinner experimentations begin.  I'm thinking cucumbers and oranges, mmmmm.


  1. I've juiced Kale a few times in the past...its never delicious :(

  2. I have an entire book of juice and smoothie recipes. If I'd known sooner that you were going to do this, I could have let you borrow it!

    One of my favorite juice recipes is a combination of apples, celery, ginger, cucumber, beets, and kale. I forget the amounts, but it's totally awesome.

  3. Oh, and parsley. Almost forgot that part.