Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yoga Update

I have completed my first week of the 21 Days of Yoga Challenge.  I decided to start the challenge by doing my first few sessions in the comfort of my own home!  I have a collection of great DVDs that I have gotten over the years and wanted to put them to use.  I am SO glad I did.  Although I think a very important part of Yoga is feeling the energy of those who are practicing with and around you, I have found that practicing alone is personally a great way for me to have alone time that isn't consumed by thoughts and distractions.  It is just me focusing on the unity of my body and my breath.  It's very peaceful and a great way to start or end the day. 

I have a few DVDs by a Yoga Instructor named Shiva Rea.  I wanted to share her website with you because I think she is amazing!  Check it out at: .  Her DVDs are sold on the website and I suggest them to anyone who is interested in getting a really good yoga session at home!

Rejuvenation is the perfect way to describe my yoga experiences over the past week.  Since I have adapted to adult life, a new meaning has come to the saying "there are not enough days in the week," or rather "there are not enough hours in the day."  So bringing yoga back into my life this week has added two (very important) things to my everyday routine: calming alone time, and exercise!  When I say exercise, I really mean to emphasize because yoga is such a unique kind of exercise.  It brings such awareness to every fiber of your body.  It requires not only the basic fundamentals of a normal workout like balance, strength and endurance but it also requires the ability to enter a mental state that is a rare challenge in itself (at least for me).  I am sure this state of mind comes more easily as it becomes more a part of your daily routine with yoga. 

I look forward to exploring more about yoga and I will update soon with more thoughts!

Love, peace, and yoga!

Om Shanti


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  1. Juli,
    I love that you are practicing more regularly again - it's so awesome. I feel most grounded on days I practice. I am more present to what life lessons are presented to me.

    Also, re: Shiva - did I ever tell you I did a workshop with her... her energy is very cool, very yogic.

    Keep posting - I love the connection in this way.